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September 5, 2011

Plumping up your pucker doesn’t always have to tingle

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When it comes to lip plumpers, what sensation instantly comes to your mind?

An electric buzz?
Or perhaps bee stung lips?

If these are the very same reasons you might be afraid of trying lip plumpers, you might be surprised to know there are just as many non-tingly ones as there are those that feel like a sherbet fizzing on your lips.

Lip plumpers come in different formulas but they all work by stimulating circulation on the lips to create the appearance of a healthy and voluptuous sexy pout. It’s also great for smoothing out lip lines that can look ageing or tired.

Just like lipstick and shoes, it’s always best to try lip plumpers in store to test just how much volume and tingle it gives your lips, or you may be in for a zingy surprise like I did when my friend tricked me (back in uni days) into believing that Duwop Lip Venom was a lip balm that I needed to slather on generously for best results. Being the gullible-fool-that-trusted-my-friend-completely, I applied so much it felt like a massive wasabi shot, except that it was on my lips.

Here are a few lip plumpers I recommend that will plump up your pucker, with or without the tingle…


providing the world’s most effective range of patented lip plumping devices available exclusively from the lip plumper shop


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