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September 3, 2011

Restylane Injections May Be Successful At Wrinkle Elimination

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When you happen to be looking to get rid of some facial lines, enhance the shape of the lips or simply repair some features of your face, you will find numerous options. One thing you may have learned about recently is Restylane injections.
This type of cosmetic surgery is becoming ever more popular these days. But it’s not a new, untested chemical substance – it was approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration in December 2003 therefore it has verified itself within actual use.
Similar to a number of other procedures, Restylane is only meant for temporary usage. Nevertheless, temporary in this case can mean close to 6 months or even more.
The way injections are applied is extremely uncomplicated and straightforward. It’s all carried out within the doctor’s office itself. Exactly what the surgeon does is that they first select a proper location for the injection to be performed.
Antiseptic will be applied to these locations, and then right after having determined the required amount, the surgeon inserts Restylane underneath the skin. This procedure consists of what is called hyaluronic acid, which behaves as a magnetic field under the skin.
Thus water is going to be drawn near and sticks on the skin, helping to keep the firmness of your skin. This is why it has the wrinkle-removing benefit.
You will probably see real results of the shot after only a single week’s time. You may be familiar with other methods of crease elimination such as facial peels or even microdermabrasion. If so, you will know that those methods have got constraints.
Restylane treatments are unique in the sense that they can achieve just what the aforementioned methods can not. Specifically, it’s got a proven track record with some types of heavy facial lines, reducing them or getting rid of them totally.
However, as with many issues within modern medicine, there can be a few unwanted effects. You should be aware of these prior to deciding to undergo an injection.
The most common ones of those tend to be – headache, symptoms similar to influenza, queasiness, and redness and pain in the locations where the injections were done. They’re all normal and can be expected to disappear quickly.
Sometimes a more serious side-effect might be apparent where patients encounter some extent of muscle weakness. Most commonly this stops inside a few weeks after the operation. Nevertheless, in a few cases, this weakness has lasted a few months.
Make sure that whichever doctor you ultimately decide upon, that they are educated and skilled with doing Restylane lip injections. They should be able to counsel you concerning these complications as part of your individual situation.
Finally – one of the things individuals keep asking is the financial impact. A single needle can be expected to cost around three hundred and fifty and as much as 800 dollars, on average. If this sounds like a lot, you can ask the doctor in regards to a payment plan.
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