Juvederm Lips Before And After

September 2, 2011

Love To Know Makeup.

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Lip Plumper


Whether you want lip plumper in a bottle or a few techniques to give your lips the appearance of obesity… the answers are here at LoveToKnow Makeup.

Application Techniques

For an overall lip plumper facial appearance, experiment with the following outline of applying yourlip products.

  1. To create a smooth surface from the very beginning, work some moisturizing lip balm deeply into your lips. Let set while you apply the rest of your makeup and then move to step #2.
  2. Apply your foundation on and around your lips as a primer.
  3. Dust powder over the entire area to seal in your foundation.
  4. Select a freshly sharpened lip pencil a shade as close to your natural lip color as possible.
  5. Following your natural lip line, draw outside the lip area with the pencil creating a larger lip surface.
  6. Fill the entire area within the pencil lines with your lip pencil and really work the color in for maximum depth and longevity.
  7. Top off with a shiny lip gloss or balm for that moist plump look. Add a little extra pop – use a lip gloss tinted with a fresh light color.

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Now, you can stop there – look at your reflection in the mirror. Is this enough plumpness for you, or do you desire more? To further maximize the lip plumper outcome, continue with the following steps:

  1. After you have drawn in the lip pencil and filled in the lines, place a touch of concealer at the center of both the top and bottom lip.
  2. Apply lipstick over the concealer and lip pencil, allowing the concealer to create a natural highlight of the fleshy center of the lips.
  3. To further pump up this area, add a touch of a lighter color lipstick on top of your chosen lipstick color at this same center spot.
  4. Finish off the look with an extra dot of shine in the middle of the lower lips – enhancing the natural pout.
  5. Seal in the lip products with powder around the outside of the lip area, providing some additional contrast.
Lip Color Tips

In general, keep these two tips in mind when selecting your lip color products for maximum lip plumper effects.

  • The lighter the lip color, the fuller the lips will appear. Dark lip colors, particularly the deep red lipsticks, tend to thin the lips causing your face to look more aged.
  • The more shimmer and shine your lip products have, the stronger the look of plump lips.
Lip Plumper Products


With the strong demand for a plumper younger mouth, plastic surgery lip injections are on the rise. For many of us, we want to avoid the pain, hassle and expense of a collagen shot. Therefore, the cosmetic market has responded with a variety of lip products advertised as lip plumpers. Lip plumper products are relatively new and work in a variety of ways to fatten up those kissers. Some types work by irritating your lips causing slight redness and swelling to authentically plump your lips. Others are similar to the basic lip balm, with extra moisturizers to smooth and shine up the lips for the appearance of a plumper look. The last category is more of a primer that sets the lips up for the application of lipstick to pop and plump out the lip area.

Lip Gloss

Historically, lip gloss has been the number one product for natural plumper lips. While it doesn’t last as long as the newer lip plumpers, it is easy to reapply. A good product for all ages and skin types, it freshens the face and makes lips look fuller and sexier.

Fusion Beauty Lip Fusion

his product is advertised as creating a plump lip line as close to injections as possible. Designed as a nighttime treatment to magically plump the lips as you sleep, it can also be used under other lip products during the day. With acid based ingredients that capture and fill with moisture, the concept is to over hydrate your lips causing the swelling stout look. Based on the product literature, “lips swell for hours,” and at $50 a pop – you sure hope they do!

DuWop Lip Venom

One of the most well known lip plumpers, this product irritates the lip area and increases circulation with added ginger and cinnamon. Advertised as producing “bee-stung” lips Lip Venom has been known to sting and spice your lips for a short-term lip plumping affect. Use with caution if you have sensitive skin!

Sephora Brand Plumping Lip Gloss

From Sephora, you will find a more reasonably priced product to plump up your lips for the short run. With added pepper and mint, along with eight different shades of gloss, this lip gloss plumper can be used alone or over your lipstick.


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