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August 30, 2011

Another important area of facial reconstruction is that of lip surgery

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Lip reconstruction
Another important area of facial reconstruction is that of lip surgery. Cancer of the lip, usually caused by sun exposure or smoking, can frequently require wide excision of the involved tissue. Like with most reconstructive surgery, the goal of lip reconstruction is to reestablish the lip’s appearance as well as its function, which includes facial expression, eating, speaking, kissing, and feeling.

When large sections of lip are removed, simply sewing the edges together to close the wound will not work: the result would either be a wound that fell apart from too much tension, a mouth that was too small to open, or a dramatic size mismatch between the upper and lower lips.

Instead, Dr. Pearson uses techniques that transfer adjacent tissue on its nerve and blood supply, sometimes even borrowing from the other lip (e.g.,Abbé, Estlander, and Karapandzic flaps). This careful rearrangement of tissue, which sometimes requires two separate stages, can help restore the patient’s appearance and function.

clip_image001See “Before and After” photos of lip reconstruction in our Gallery.

The discussion above barely scratches the surface of some of the areas of reconstructive surgery of the face. We have found, though, that the results of facial reconstruction can be tremendously gratifying for both patient and surgeon.


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