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August 24, 2011

Lip Injections Post Surgery

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Lip Injections Post Surgery: What To Expect & How To Recover

After a surgical procedure in which a patient receives lip injections of fat or fillers, the recovery time should be quite minimal.

To some degree, the length of recovery process and the discomfort that is felt will depend on the skill of the surgeon.

If a procedure has gone well, patients should be able to return to work and their regular lives just a few days after the injections, or as long as a week if your augmentation method involved surgical implants.

Expect Some Discomfort the First Few Days

Though the recovery period is short, one should expect some amount of discomfort in the first few days.

clip_image001By planning ahead and knowing what to expect, you will be ready to convalesce happily and can monitor your progress to ensure that everything is healing, as it should.

Swelling and tenderness are the two most common side effects that one can expect to experience following a lip injection procedure. The swelling may be quite pronounced, which can make eating and drinking difficult.

Straws are more or less out of the question, as patients will have a difficult time making the puckering movement required to draw liquids through them.

Be Mindful of What Your Eating

When you eat, be careful to choose foods that are easy to bite into and may be cut into small, bite sized pieces.

This will enable you to keep your mouth in a comfortable position and not strain by opening it too wide. Though it may be tempting to apply creams or topical lotions designed to reduce swelling, avoid this impulse unless permitted to do so by your doctor.

Those who are hoping to show off their lip injections before and after pictures should wait until the swelling has subsided to get a true picture of their results.

Bruising and Numbness

Some bruising and numbness are also to be expected in the days following the procedure.

clip_image002This bruising should begin to face shortly after the procedure and will continue to get lighter and lighter as time progresses.

To aid your lips’ healing, try to keep them in a natural position as much as possible and some even recommend that you keep talking and singing to a minimum.

The numbness can make eating difficult, so it may be wise to take all meals at home and stay out of restaurants, as one can expect to make a bit of a mess at each meal.

In addition, it is a good idea to test the temperature of all foods with a finger before allowing them to pass through your lips. You could be opening yourself up to burns without knowing it.

Be Aware of Infection

It is just as important to be aware of the uncommon side effects, which could be signs of an infection. After the procedure, take your temperature regularly.

The presence of a fever could mean an infection at the injection site. Patients who notice any puss discharging from the injection site should contact their physician immediately.

Also, if the swelling persists for longer than a week, schedule an appointment with your doctor to ensure that your healing is progressing as expected.

Lip augmentation through lip injections of fat or fillers is a simple procedure that will not require a great deal of recovery time. Though the recovery time is minimal, it is important that the patient be vigilant in checking for any signs of a possible infection while recovering.

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